Welcome to Bad Tattoo Brewing’s New Beer Club

Featuring our freshest beer from the best of Bad Tattoo!
Thanks for joining the club. We're a new and innovative club offering you access to our best beers delivered to your doorstep. It's free. There is no subscription. No minimums. We don't force you into any beer you don't want. Your beer fridge, your choice!
So... how does this work?
  • We brew, we test, we brew again, we perfect, and only release the best of Bad Tattoo. Approximately every 2 weeks, we feature one of our Limited Releases for an exclusive 3-day sale (usually they sell out before that).
  • You get the direct from brewery price, just like you walked into the tasting room.
  • If you think the beer suits you, you can buy it! If not, no worries! There will be a new featured beer in 2 weeks.
  • You enjoy! And share... maybe!
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That's it - really simple and lots of variety!  Thanks again and feel free to email beerclub@badtattoobrewing.com if you have any questions. Cheers and happy sipping!

Right now you can become a VIP Member when you order our Juice Bomb New England IPA, Los Muertos Cerveza Negra, or Sol Vida Cerveza Clara from our year round beer list.

The Bad Tattoo Brewing Beer Club

The Bad Tattoo Brewing Beer Club
Here at Bad Tattoo Brewing we are passionate about bringing you top quality beers crafted to perfection. As beer lovers ourselves we know it can be challenging to sift through all of the different options and styles of beer. What does that mean? It means you can spend less time analyzing your beers and more time enjoying them. When you become a part of the Bad Tattoo Beer Club, you’ll benefit from our brew master’s knowledge and experience in making great beers.
No Monthly Fee Means You Only Pay for What You Want
One common question we often get is what monthly dues we charge to be part of the club. The answer? None. We don’t charge our members any kind of monthly fee whatsoever. Joining the club is absolutely free. The Bad Tattoo Brewing Beer Club is not a monthly membership site, and this is important for several reasons:
  • No monthly membership fee means you can try beers at your leisure.
  • You can pick and choose the beer you want to receive.
  • You never have to cancel or receive beer you don’t want.
The VIP Lounge: How to Get In
We value all of our members and offer club members a variety of great services, but as a VIP member, you’ll receive several added perks. VIP members have priority access to all of our new releases, so you can order your beers a full day before the general public and a full week before we release the beer to liquor stores. More benefits… How do you join? Once you purchase your first flat you are automatically upgraded to VIP status! Thats it, thats all!