Our Beer


Vagabond - A traditional Czech style Pilsner, using Czech Saaz to give a mellow grassy flavour.

Juice Bomb - Similar to an American IPA, but with intense fruit flavours and aromas, a soft body, smooth mouth feel, and visually opaque with a substantial haze. Less perceived bitterness than traditional IPAs but always massively hop forward. The emphasis on late hopping, especially dry hopping, using hops with tropical fruit qualities lends to the specific ‘juicy’ characteristics for which this style is known. We created ours by double dry hopping with Galaxy and Azacca. Our New England IPA is intensely juicy and refreshing. Low bitterness means it is not just for the hop heads!

Los Muertos - Los Muertos Cerveza Negra is a malt forward, crisp, medium-dark Mexican inspired lager that loves being chilled down. Using a lager yeast it is fermented at lower temperatures, which gives it its crispness and its refreshing taste. Add a twist of lime for an authentic Mexican experience or enjoy on its own.

Tramp Stamp - A crisp, fruit forward American style pale ale hopped exclusively with Super Pride, Galaxy & Summer Australian hops.

West Coast IPA - Brilliant orange, rich and weighty aromas of grapefruit & pine forests, crisp hop bite & a lingering finish.

Pink Guava - A delicious tropical mystery. Aromatic, potent, fruity and slightly tart!


Cerveza Clara - The smoothest, freshest, best damn lager you’ve ever had. Cerveza Clara is a Mexican style lager and the lighter, brighter cousin of our award winning Los Muertos Cerveza Negra. This beer can be enjoyed in the heat of the Okanagan summer sun, crushed after a long day on the slopes, or just because. We keep it simple and honest with all Canadian sourced malts and grains, premium noble hops, and craft it all to perfection with obsessive attention to detail every step of the way. Don’t call it “just a lager;” this is craft beer through-and-through and we know you’ll want another.

Ex-beer-imental IPA - A delicious experiment resulting in a classic BC style Craft IPA. Fruit forward notes of peach and mandarin start off the experience followed by a light malt backbone to finish it off. 

Lucky 13 - The legendary beast returns! Only spoken of in hushed whispers; this immensely strong, mythically hoppy Double IPA comes at you like a dark horse and leaves you wanting more. Simcoe, Centennial, and Citra keep things classic and classy with notes of citrus and pine made in a rich, dark, west-coast style.

Patio Pink - Raspberry lemonade! Pink, tart, and crazy refreshing! Crash into summer with this Berliner-style Weisse with all the raspberry and lemon your taste buds are screaming for. Canadian white wheat malt ensures this beer is smooth, soft and satisfying.

Peanut Butter Porter - Who doesn’t love peanut butter and chocolate?  No-one, that’s who! This big bold porter is infused with delicious peanut and chocolate flavours to keep you warm on those cold autumn days. 

Full Sleeve Stout - Cruise into winter with a creamy English style stout. The Full Sleeve Strong Stout is a beer created with a mix of mostly English specialty malts, notably Chocolate Malt and Roasted Barley. Sensual flavours of chocolate with a touch of coffee can be found in this silky smooth stout.

Cranberry - This creamy, smooth wheat ale is spiked with a delightfully tart shot of cranberry making it the perfect compliment to Thanksgiving dinner and a delicious way to get your antioxidants.

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Plum Sour 

Nordic Nights