Want to take Bad Tattoo brews home with you? Whether you’re stocking up for the weekend or throwing the party to end all parties, our growlers and kegs are here to help.

Our Growlers are a great way to take home fresh beer! Growlers are 1L and 2L refillable containers, so you buy the growler and it is yours to keep, you then fill your growler up whenever you want. Keep in mind that the beer stays fresh for about 72 hours. Pricing below. Note that we do take a deposit on kegs and bronco pumps that will be returned to you when you return the keg and bronco pump.

Having a party? A wedding? Our 19.5L and 50L kegs are a great option, there are 55 and 140 standard drinks respectively in each keg. We send you with a keg, a big bucket to put the keg and ice in to to keep the keg cold and we also rent out bronco pumps to get the beer if you don’t have one.

How to Keep your Keg from Foaming

The most common cause of “foamy beer” is tapping a keg when it is not cold enough. We store our kegs in the fridge – if you don’t have a fridge big enough for the keg, a large rubbermaid-type garbage bin that we provide you with will do the trick. Fill it with ice up to about two-thirds the height of the keg.

Another common cause of foamy beer is pumping the bronco pump too much. The bronco pump forces air into the keg so that it pushes the beer in to your cup, so if you pump too much it is going to come out with such force it is difficult to not pour a foamy beer. Make sure you only pump the bronco pump when the beer is coming out too slowly.

Let the Keg Settle!

The longer it takes you to get from our brewery to your destination, the longer you need to let the keg sit and (literally) chill out before you tap it. If you’re in the car for 15 minutes, let it sit for 30 minutes. Driving an hour? Let it sit for two hours. If it’s hot out or you’ve been driving on bumpy roads, you’ll need a little more time for settling and cooling. If it has been a few days and the keg is completely warm, it will take around 24 hours to cool down if it is in a fridge.

How To Use a Bronco Pump

  1. Make sure that the lever on the bronco pump is in the upright position by pulling the lever out and pushing it up. (It is already likely in this position)
  2. Align the notches in the base of the coupler with the lugs in the top of the keg valve.
  3. Push the bronco pump down and rotate the coupler clockwise until snug (approximately 1/4 turn) to engage the keg lugs.
  4. Pull the lever handle out and push it down to the “locked” position.
  5. DO NOT PUMP THE KEG!!! It is already under pressure and pumping the keg immediately after you tap it will make your pours especially foamy.
  6. Open the faucet at the end of the hose to dispense beer.
  7. ONLY when the flow of beer begins to slow should you pump the keg a few times.
  8. If the beer seems foamy, press the “pressure relief” button on the side of the pump.


(2L, Equivalent to a 6 Pack)

Glass $5
Fill $12


Glass $4
 Fill $6


19.5 Litre $90
50 Litre $210