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How is this club different from a wine club?

There is no membership fee or monthly commitment. Each case of 24 beers is offered to you with the CHOICE to buy or not to buy.

What is the price of the beer?

It changes based on release, but it is usually around $79.00 per flat before tax. This is NOT a subscription. For each order you enter your credit card information and buy directly from the brewery.

Do you ship outside of BC?

We ship Canada wide. Shipping is free within BC. See rates for out of province shipping below…

When do beer flats come out? When can I buy?

About every two weeks, we don’t have set days because it depends on our brew schedule. We need to keep it fluid to take advantage of new opportunities for limited releases ????? Advantages we have for you... We send an email 2 days before releases letting you know what is to come.

How much is shipping?

Shipping in BC is free. For shipping to Alberta we charge… For shipping to Ontario … Etc… Etc… Regularly it’s $20-45 though, depending where in Canada you are.

What’s a VIP and how do I become one?

After purchasing your first beer flat you become a VIP member. You’ll get access to beer offers and limited releases first as well as invites to private events.